Our story

When the family puts you in front of the fact: We want a dog!!! Just when your children have grown so much that you didn't have to always run around after them and you finally had that five minutes. But since dad went along, we had to deal with the matter. Regardless their promise to take care of the dog, I wasn't so sure...

Yeah, but what??? We would have Roni. Roni was the only boxer that we knew and of course we were absolutely thrilled about him. So, 8 years ago we started to look for a fawn male, possibly docked, the couch material. We searched the entire country, included all acquaintances and strangers, and finally found a litter in Novo mesto in the kennel Suum Cuique. But unfortunately, the fawn male was already reserved. But ok. When we went to see the litter, we liked the little cute brindle female named Athena. She too was reserved. When we first saw her we decided immediately that we wanted her, regardless of how it will all work out. And it worked out great- a few days later the breeder called and told us that Atenka could be ours. From that day to the day the small fur ball came to our house, we didn't sleep a lot, first because of the excitement, then because even greater enthusiasm.

Regardless the facts – not a male, not fawn, not cropped, we decided not to enter any dog exhibitions ... until a few months ahead, when the Slovenian annual boxer show was set right in front of our door, at Otočec. Of course, we attended it and since then our life has undergone many changes.

Small Atenka soon became my shadow, my friend and my soul mate - amazing how quickly a person can change!!! All you need is a boxer. She learned from us, and we learned from her. It would be ideal if fate hadn't interfered. It took our girl when she was only 21 months old. And all because of a tiny tick. Our life was turned upside down. The house was so empty that we could hear our echoes, even our children were quiet. The loss has affected us greatly, we decided that the chapter Dog in the house was completed. However, we weren’t able to return to a normal life. Everyone advised us a new boxer, but I just kept crying. I didn't want any other, I wanted Athena back. Of course it was impossible, and in time I realised that.

Dear Athena, thank you for everything, we will never forget you! Our kennel proudly bears your name ATHENA'S DREAM! You will always be in our hearts!

The search for a new boxer started, of course, with the help of friends, because none of us could think clearly at that time. A big thank to Vesna Terzič, breeder of our Athenka, who found our future acquisition, a little brindle bundle of joy named Kinipela Von Lustig (wave in Hawaiian).
In a month we brought home Kinica. We were happy like little children. We drove 600 km to see her, but more important, her breeder had to see us first, before she decided we could have her.

And she came like a wave ....... literally blowed our minds off! Barking from the first day, climbing on the sofa from the third day, felling down, replacing box for the toilet, being stubborn and wrapping us around her little finger. Sometimes I still say, only when joking, that she was our first boxer that we would give back. But obviously we needed her because she kept us busy, and our life slowly went back on old tracks. The project House started. Soon the fawn male Pepe von der Burg Singidunum joined Kini. We got him from our friends Vesna and Zoran Čurčić from Serbia as a gift for moving in to a new house.

Never say never; the second dog was a brindle female and not cropped. We went to the dog shows and met a lot of new people with the same love - boxers.

Angel became our next family member, a female from our first litter, and soon her daughter Cute joined us.

In the meantime, we have also experienced how sold souls boxers really are – the biggest ever! When Kinipela was coming into season, the living conditions were impossible. Poor Pepe was withering, whining and howling like a wolf. We decided to give him in custody of my parents. However, each time we went to get him back, Kinica didn't like it (pregnancy moods). His return was repeatedly put off. My parents got accustomed to him and decided that they won’t give him back. Pepe became citizen of town Metlika and now accompanies my mother, to whom his company comes in very handy. The fate? Probably..... But of course he likes to visit the girls very much, and is happy when he returns home. After a few days of rushing around he definitely needs a well-deserved rest.

I have to emphasize that my mother is a very important member of our Athena's Dream family. Her help is irreplaceable: she takes care of the children when we are wandering around shows, takes care of our dogs when we go on vacation and we can't take them with us. And she is irreplaceable when taking care of puppies.

Next to my mother, we can also rely on my husband's parents, whom take care of the girls in the morning. Grandpa walks them and they rest with grandma and help her with cooking. I have to commend them – they are on their best behaviour when in day care. Especially Cute, who is bursting with energy. Those who know us, know what I'm talking about.

So, eight years ago our first boxer entered our lives. And since then, we have had three beautiful brindle females and occasionally a fawn male in the house. Atenka made sure of that, when she came to us. Her arrival changed our lives and infected us with boxers.

During these years, we have achieved some exhibitional successes. I would like to highlight those I'm especially proud of:

  • 2007 – Athena, Slovenian and Croatian beauty Champion
  • 2008 – Kinipela, Jahressieger Germany, 2nd place
  • 2008 – Kinipela, Croatian young champion
  • 2009 – Kinipela, Slovenian young champion
  • 2009 – Pepe, Croatian young champion
  • 2010 – Angel, CAC Sombor + special show, BIS PUPPY
  • 2010, 2012 – Angel, Best female of Slovenian breeding
  • 2011 – Angel & Axel, Boxer derby Vršac, Best breeding couple
  • 2011 – Angel, Ravangrad boxer cup, Ravangrad winner (young club champion, young champion)
  • 2011 – Angel, Atibox Italy, 3rd place
  • 2012 – Angel, Slovenian and Croatian beauty Champion
  • 2012 – Kinipela, CAC Trbovlje, BOB
  • 2013 – Cute, Best female of Slovenian breeding
  • 2013 – Cute, Serbian annual boxer show, Annual Young Champion, Club Champion Athena's Dream Best breeding group
  • 2013 – Slovenian Club Show: Angel Club Winner, Cute Junior Club Winner, Athena's Dream Best breeding group
  • 2013 – Cute & Che, Poland annual boxer show, Best couple

We are very proud of our Che, who won Atibox in its class last year. I think this is the dream of every breeder, but when the dreams happen, you can’t comprehend it. In addition to this victory, he won many others. Thank you Vesna and Alexander Terzić for that! Also I would like to thank you for the friendship and cooperation in 2013, that we connected in team Athena's Dream & Suum Cuique, which was very successful.

Our only whity, COCOnut Athena's Dream successfully represented us at Club Show 2013 in Železniki.

Barby was also successful. She followed her mother’s footsteps, and won BOB at CAC Trbovlje last year. She was also named The most beautiful dog of Zasavje 2013.

The girls enjoy training polygon the most. And as it fits for a boxer, they are crazy about defence. We had a few A and B-BH exams, as well as a C exam and IPO 1, which I am particularly proud of, because Angie and I worked hard to pass it. The conditions were far from ideal. But, as they say - where there is will, there is power!

This is our story, the story of Athena's Dream, which took 8 years to write. I hope that we will continue it and enjoy with our boxers and boxer friends.