In memory

Dog walking

ATHENA SUUM CUIQUE, 25.01.2006 - 02.11.2007

Junior Champion of Slovenia and Croatia

Athena, the goddess of peace and war. The goddess of art and wisdom and the protector. Athena, our first boxer was all of that. She has completely changed our life even before we brought her home. At the beginning it was a state of war. If you dedicate yourself to a small puppy, you have the same amount of work as if you had a baby. And previous experience with two children didn't really help. But soon a period of peace and satisfaction and new surprises arose.

We will never forget how she greeted us, when we came home or her playing with her tail and joyful jumping that made you forget all the daily problems. She always knew exactly what and how much belonged to her and she knew when the walks that charged our batteries are on. Among all these needs, the food was always in the last place – we almost graduated in this area.

She was cunning as a fox. She wrapped us around her little finger, and we let her, because we enjoyed in it as much as she did.

We had the time of our lives, but then reality showed its teeth. The disease changed everything. We did everything in our power to help her heal, but unfortunately nothing worked. The disease progressed very quickly; we lost her when she was only 21 months old.

Upon the loss, we again realized that life is not eternal. We should enjoy in every moment. One should spend as much time as possible with their loved ones and friends, one should make sacrifice for them, and never regret that. One should not hesitate when deciding and do the tasks today, not tomorrow. Because you never know what will happen tomorrow. You should always hope, think and live to the best. Life can test us anytime. These are everyday things, but due to congested rhythm of life, we often forget about them.

She was the real Athena, true goddess, she marked us for ever. For us there is life before and after Athena. She has set a milestone that will remain forever.

They say that dogs choose their owners and not vice versa, the spark must skip. In our case, it has. We went to get a yellow male, but went home with a striped female.

And if they really choose us, I hope that Athena was ment to be with us so we could make her short life beautiful and filled with love.

We'll never forget her; she will remain with us in our hearts forever.

In memory of her and to thank for all the moments that we spent with her, we named our kennel ATHENA'S DREAM.

Suzana, Marko, Špela in Nejc